Have you ever had a vision? A vision that seemed so real you weren’t sure if you should share with anyone, out of fear of how it could change their perception of you.

Visions are real to me they embody the very thought process called “fear of the unknown” People often get frightened of failure which of course is a no brainer. But the question is why are people frightened of success? Is it because they believe they will be judged differently by family and friends or maybe it’s because they fear being looked at as a superior? What are your thoughts? Why does the vision of success have different impacts on people?


  1. I think the vision of success impacts people differently because we are not all moved by the same thing. We have different goals, different cultures, different ideas of what it means to have “made it”. But the necessity of vision is apparent for all of us because without vision there would be no success. It’s important to know what success looks like for us so that we know what to wake up and work towards each day. Great post Eclecta Creative Group. I’m looking forward to hearing much more from you. Your photos are incredible!

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