So what are you choosing to do with your Covid-19 times? Are you using this as a time to grow? Grow You spiritually, mentally and financially. Please don’t get caught being complacent this year. Sure it’s stressful, you lost your job, a friend, a love one. After all you didn’t even get to spend the kind of time you wanted to spend with them this year due to COVID-19 and just like that, they are taken from you.

Listen, don’t allow that to push you into a frozen state where you choose to be still and waddle in your sorrow. GET MOVING! Start that company you keep trying to apply to, and haven’t gotten hired. Those companies didn’t hire you because you aren’t meant to be an employee. You are the EMPLOYER!

Begin working to create the company you want to wake up to each day. The next generation is depending on you, your future clients are depending on you, and most of all you are depending on you. GET MOVING & START it TODAY!

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